October 02, 2011

Fashion Radar | Le Grana

Inspired by travel across major metropolitans, Le Grana’s outstanding debut collection is a daring interpretation of big city life.  Contemporary and bold, the designs take their inspiration from big cities – from London, to New York and Islamabad to Dubai.

Designed by Grana Khan who’s born and initially raised in Dubai. Grana have always been on the cutting edge of the cultural exchange between the East and the West.  Long familiar with the way different values and visual tastes can meld to create innovation and beauty.

The trendy and vibrant streets of East London form the essence of this inspiration, with the edgy chic of Brick Lane’s street style taking centre stage, enhanced by just a dash of Dubai glamour.  Colours are both bold and muted, from nudes to fuchsia, and embroidery adds stunning detail.  Lines are elegant and cuts are sharp – these garments are fierce.

"From the the East Chic collection"

Though inspired by bustling cities of the world, garments are sourced and made locally in Le Grana’s Dubai studio.  Made from jersey and stretch fabrics, these effortlessly trendy pieces prove there is no need to feel uncomfortable to be on the cutting edge of fashion.

This confident debut collection from Le Grana is an intoxicating mix of edginess and sophistication, glamour and grit.  It is the debut of a designer who is set to turn heads, and for all the right reasons.

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Photos courtesy of Le Grana.