October 03, 2011

Décor | Daphne Guinness’ New York Apartment

ake a look inside the marvelous apartment of Fashion icon and the Guinness’s family heiresses Daphne Guinness.

The New York apartment is one of a kind just like the owner, floor-to-ceiling Mirror hallway; Chinese inspired furniture mixed with a modern touch, loads of vintage and custom made pieces. Silk, damask, and velvet fabrics used in Pillows and sofas, Soft and cozy carpets '' feet soaks in as you walk''.

Mirrored like flooring "who needs mirrors in every corner of the house !" Oh wait she has a hallway filled with them .

Paintings and photographs graces the walls from the likes of Nobuyoshi Araki, David LaChapelle and Bert Stern.

The Apartment is designed by Daniel Romualdez one of New York finest architect.

So as we return to our boring white walled apartments others returns to mirrored luxurious once!!

pictures sourced from : ArchitecturalDigest.com