January 12, 2013

My perfume shelf

Perfumes are something I really love more like I’m addicted too, well can you blame me? Smelling nice is very important either for men or women. It’s one of the first thing people gets from you just by passing by, and it’s important for making that first impression!

Well perfumes are one of the things to complete my outfit before I go out! And I chose them according to what I’m wearing of course I go with a fresh and light one by morning and more strong and complex for evenings , but not just that I do chose perfumes according to my outfits colours! I know it sounds weird and you might say he’s crazy but this is what I noticed myself doing unintentionally. So I go for light citrusy and fruity perfumes when am wearing light colours such as blue, white and green and I will be having spicy woody scents with brown, black and grey!

I just think this is finishes the look. As I’m always on the move for university, meetings and events I do consume them quickly so I do shop on monthly basics and I always love to try new brands and scents
On my next purchase I would love to get Bang by Marc Jacobs it got this fresh and woody character to it, Spicebomb by Victor&Rolf again it got an oriental, woody and spicy composition.

Another perfume that I use regularly and keep buying continuously is the Chanel Blue de Chanel, L'Homme Libre Yves Saint Laurent and Terre d`Hermes I just like them.

From L to R: Boss Hugo Boss Sport | Lacoste L.12.12 Red | L'Homme Libre Yves Saint Laurent | Chanel Blue de Chanel | CK one Shock | Dolce & Gabbana Sport |  Acqua di Gio - Acqua di Life Edition by Giorgio Armani | 212 Glam Men by Carolina Herrera | Voyage d`Hermes by Hermes