November 22, 2011

The Launch of | Ferrari Oud Essence

Luxury, Power & Masculine Elegance

n November 14th I attended the lavish launch of The Ferrari Oud Essence at the spectacular Layali Beach, Mina A’Salam. Facing the marvelous and luxurious landmark Burj Al Arab the event showcased the new, powerful and sensual fragrance for men with outstanding Flame dancer’s and horse presentation as Mr. Enrico Ceccato the CEO of Perfume Holding illustrated the new perfume as deep, low, powerful, like the engine sound of a Ferrari car, with an exclusive dark red tones that add strength and character to the packaging of this new, luxurious fragrance.

The Ferrari Oud Essence consists of the legendary rare Oud resin that it is said to be worth more than gold. The tree comes and grows in South East Asia, and Known for centuries in the Arab world.
Around the heart note of Oud resin with its dark, forceful, aphrodisiac notes are lighter spice tones from olibanum and cumin, bringing out the typically masculine power of Ferrari Oud Essence. This blend of strength and serenity is introduced by the unusual accents of an opulent rose, accompanied by exotic saffron and elemi.