November 13, 2011

The Kattans's | Diva Magazine November 2011

he Kattan’s and when I declare this name I don’t represent one , or two but three lovely , gorgeous sisters . If you live in Dubai /or the Middle East; Fashion, Beauty and Health is your interest then for sure you’ve heard of them.

3 Beautiful ladies with outstanding and remarkable persona, looking great is natural for them as it’s reflected and shines from the inside out, humble and lovable from the minute you meet them.

Huda Kattan: your beauty guru and best source for everything that has to do with it, Makeup, skin care, best products and the lists goes on…. Catch her precious tips and info on but take care as you’ll get [ADDICTED!!]

Mona Kattan: social butterfly, and the most friendly person you will ever know , she always turns heads as she walks with her remarkable and elegant style , but watch out behind this beautiful face is a great PR & business woman who can run a kingdom !! Join her endless and exciting adventures on  [Can you handle it?]

Alya Kattan: The Sister everyone wishes to have, Alya holds a Bachelor in nutrition and minor in (chemistry , biology and business ) yes you read that right in addition she’s working on her personal training certificate , imagine having someone who will always guide you in to eating healthy and tells you what exercise is the best for you. You can follow her daily health advices, Do & DON’T at  [Buckle up for some exercise!!].

The (k’s) “and I don’t mean the kardashians! K is for the Kattans now” are featured on Diva Magazine November issue as they grace the cover looking nothing but striking; they also share and talk about various topics including fashion , beauty , fitness and more …. Get your copy now!!    

Me with the gorgeous Huda and Mona !!

Diva Magazine is available at spinney’s and most bookstores around the UAE, and also in London, Paris, Lebanon and Egypt.

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