November 01, 2011

Know the Model | Jiri Zimovcak

Jiri Zimovcak  a new model on the block , the 21 years old got what it takes to break through to the top model world , already been featured twice in remarkable editorials at IN Magazine. Jiri shares with us a little about him and how he got started!  

Name:  Jiri Zimovcak

AGE: 21

Location: Czech Republic

Occupation: student

Modelling since: 2009

Part time or full time? Part time

Jiri editorial at IN Magazine issue 5/6

FFF: How did you first get interested in modeling?

Jiri: Well, when I was 18, one of my good friends told me:” Listen, you have amazing shape of face. Do something with that!” He is a model, so he made some Polaroid’s for me, and that was the beginning of it. I had a bad start with some unprofessional Czech agencies and I think it doesn’t interest anybody (laugh).

FFF: Favorite Designers?

Jiri: Balmain, Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and John Richmond…

FFF: Favorite Sports?

Jiri: I have been visiting fitness for 5 months and I have got very good personal coach. He is very funny and motivate person. We do exercise twice a week.  And this has become my favorite sport. I like swimming too, but only in the sea.

FFF: Favorite Food?

Jiri: All Kind of fruits, fennel, Chinese meals, seafood and fastfood (once per year). Don’t forget about cakes, mainly ones that I made!

FFF: Your future plans?

Jiri: I’m in very good agency- finally. They care about me very good and I love them all. Thank God for people like that! Maybe next year you will see me abroad.

FFF: Favorite place/ country for shopping?

Jiri: I fell in love with Dubai. I love everything there, it’s really great destination. I have been there for two times and can’t wait for my next visit. Dubai is the first place that I ever been and I could say:” well, I can imagine myself live there.” Everything that I love is there.

FFF: What’s on your ipod?

Jiri: Well, I have got 652 albums on my iPod to the date. I love pop, RnB, soul, HipHop. Mariah Carey is on the repeat! (Laugh)

FFF: Where do you like to go for a holiday?

Jiri: Maldives!!! I love lying on the beach and doing nothing.

FFF: First thing you do in the morning?

Jiri: Checking myself in the mirror (laugh)