October 31, 2011

Décor | Anna Dello Russo Fashion Apartment


ou have loads of clothes, shoes and accessories, your walk in closet, and extra cabinet are already full and no place for more ? Well this is what Vogue Japan and Fashion Guru Anna Dello Russo had as an issue, but there is always a solution. The outstanding fashionista got an apartment in Milan especially for her cloths; it’s more like a luxurious museum filled with the best designs.


Dello Russo collects fashion like other people collects arts. As every outfit is forbidden to be worn twice the garments gets on the rack beside its Dolce & Gabban, Louis Vuttion, and Alexander McQueen friends. Her library is stacked with shoes not books organized from Louboutins, to Guccis and the list goes on. Vintage is not her thing "I hate vintage clothes," she told W, referring to last year's Prada. "I love the smell of a new store, not an old dress."


But if you’re considering starting this hobby of fashion collecting you have to follow the rules “Collecting clothes is complicated because the clothes need a space and the right temperature. You really destroy clothes if you leave it there, no? It's dusty; its hot-it ruins the clothes. It's so freezing in my house! The clothes need to be cold," she told New York magazine in February.


She is well organized, Clothing that is top-drawer - meaning the chicest and most modern - lives in apartment one, which is decorated in floor to ceiling leopard. Anything that is less than of-the-moment is relegated to apartment number two, next door. Or worse, the basement, it’s simple as that!! 

images and info sourced from : W magazine / NY Daily News