November 27, 2011

FForFashion Exclusive | SOHAD ACOURI

ohad Acouri a Lebanese-born designer based in the UAE , Sohad is one of the brightest stars in the fashion galaxy of the UAE, his collections a trail of astral light across Dubai Fashion Week and every other major couture event across the Middle East and Europe. The uniqueness of Shads’ signature evening wear and wedding gowns has taken his talent and his footprint onto the catwalks of international haute couture and has earned him an Ingredient Branding Partnership with Swarovski Elements.

Acouri’s growing international clientele includes the Royal women of the Emirates and other GCC countries, and he is no stranger to the honour of creating The Perfect Dress for a Royal Bride.

For Sohad, everything is led by the fabric which is draped, cut and shaped on the mannequin form in his inimitable ‘neo-classical’ style. The Acouri ‘touches’, that command attention and recognition, are his use of intricate embroidery, exquisite jewels, and striking combinations of the gorgeous fabrics that are his passion.

Sohad is one of the eleven talented designers chosen by Swarvoski Elements for SENSE OF TWO; He will be representing his designs at the event taking place this Wednesday Nov 30th .

FFF: Tell us about the idea and inspiration behind your SENSE OF TWO designs?

S.A : My 2 creations show the 2 side of me as a Gemini!!!! The abstract and the concrete. The silent volcano and the rebelling cyclone.

FFF: What do you think SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS adds to your creations and designs?

S.A : Amazing challenges, creative, I did every time the best to translate my vision more and more, like:                 
1-unbridalled /Paris
3-SeVen, 2007
4-Glamour in the City, 2009

Achieving the inner hidden talents of me, revealing my creativity in a refined taste filled with culture and knowledge
Using Swarovski Elements? Since ages, I have been IB Partner since long, long time and I always in need, for my inspiration and to complete my embroidery and embellishments in every collection.

FFF: When you first started?

S.A : Since school days, the eighties!

FFF: What was your biggest dream? And have you accomplished that?

S.A : I climb my designated stairs one by one; Every time I complete a dream I step forward to the second.

FFF: If you could get one person to wear your designs, who would it be?

S.A : Every woman, who is looking for renovation and perfect cut with a feminine twist.

FFF: What do you love most about the fashion world?

S.A : The competition with myself and the obstacles that face me in every step I make, I love actions. I am an adventurer
Nothing comes easy!! My passion to the fashion world has its price!

FFF: What can you tell us about your New Collection?

S.A : It is pure, glamorous and refined.

FFF: What’s your secret for young people who want to break into the fashion design industry?

S.A : If you can’t metamorphose it into part of you and shape it with your taste and experience then look for something else, your place is not there.

FFF: What’s next for Sohad Acouri?
S.A : Meet me in every season, you will find more to discover.

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