November 28, 2011

FForFashion Exclusive | Shady ZeinEldine

hady Zeineldine also known as “Shadz” a name that embodies creativity, elegance, and sophistication, shady is another talented and passionate Lebanese designer, he started his fashion label and main workshop at the age of 24 in Beirut, and at the same time he was sharing his creations and talent for Arab gulf countries like Kuwait. In 2006 he opened his own workshop in Kuwait then a showroom at Salhiya complex (Kuwait).

 Shadz mixes western and oriental cultures in his designs with unique and outstanding cuts, in addition to the luxurious fabrics such as silk, chiffon and lace, embroidery and semi – precious valued stones such as Swarovski Elements.

Every dress is original, exceptional and stylish; this is what shady offers to his valuable and exclusive clients.

Shady is one of the 11 outstanding designers chosen by Swarovski for the SENSE OF TWO event taking place this Wednesday Nov 30th.

FFF: Tell us about the idea and inspiration behind your SENSE OF TWO designs?

SHADY: As I always see the sun as the energy, light and inspiration to a positive and ambitious life style full of power, energy and joy.
I also always see the moon as the shy side in our lives where we find peace and joy within ourselves away from the public and the outside world, it’s my way of enjoying my life alone to think and inspire and start again. I will be showing the two different faces for both, the brightness of the sun and the shy side of the moon.

FFF: How would you describe the Shady ZeinElDine Woman?

SHADY: Attractive and glamorous… A Diva!

FFF: What are your basic design principles?

SHADY: I always look for futuristic and modern ideas but I always like to have a touch of classic hint into it. Classic but it implies a futuristic modern twist.

FFF: Every collection is different from where do you seek inspiration from?

SHADY: Inspiration is everywhere all you need to do is look around you; I find inspiration mostly in the lights and the colours of nature.

FFF: What do you love most about fashion?   

SHADY: Creativity. It’s always changing; everyday is a new day there no room for boring routine.

FFF: What can we expect from your coming collection?

SHADY: I am using a bit of metal in my new collection. It will be powerful, attractive, modern and stronger. Expect surprises!

FFF: Which Arabic or international celebrity you think she has an amazing style?

SHADY: Lady Gaga.    

FFF: Is there any person or Celebrity you like to dress in particular?

SHADY: Every lady is a celebrity she just needs to dress the role.

FFF: What do you do when you're not designing?

SHADY: I love sports, reading and going to movies with friends.

FFF: What's a style tip that every woman can use?

SHADY: Wear what suites you. The dress should fit the lady and not the other way around. Tailor the dress for yourself; don’t tailor yourself for the dress.

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