April 27, 2011

Dubai Fashion Week | Hanayen FW11

Hanayen abayas, known for their finesse and unique designs, closed the abaya segment for Dubai Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011.
With the classic black abaya at its core, geometric patterns in bright colours were seen along necklines, waist and sleeves of the abayas as patterned lace was layered on coloured silk capes. Pullover abayas with pleated detailing were followed by patterned voluminous single sleeved creations. Bands of patterned silk ran down the sides of the abaya, draped to give the outfit an asymmetrical fall. Turbans in matching patterns adorned the heads of the models as they sashayed down the ramp in abayas with geometric patterns, floral appliqués and sequinned bodices.
Large baubles in concentric circles adorned necklines and sleeves in a unique twist as a majestic high collar in ruffled chocolate was worn over a simple black tunic. A layered outfit alternated black crepe with patterned fabric as a sheer black shirt was paired with vibrantly patterned orange harem pants. An outfit with a silver lace border followed a dolman-sleeved outfit with floral appliqués.
The pieces transcended geographical boundaries, as toga inspired abayas were followed by outfits with Mao collars and Moroccan inspired bejewelled necklines. Established in 1990 by Nader Nouraei, Hanayen is the most sought after franchise of abayas and shaylas.

images belongs to F:For Fashion