May 28, 2013

II Bisonte Bags


Totally loving the II Bisonte bags creation , embellishing classic models with precious hand-made details and unusual materials. 

    the new collection features a pressed skin of cowhide that gives the skin a wrinkled effect and that comes here in a warm 'Wood' brown shade.
the collection comes in different shades including Toffee , Chestnut , jasmine , grey . olive green , dark grey and classic black ! just hard to chose .

   The collection also features versatile shoulder bags which, where needed, become backpacks, meeting every need with their many pockets to fit almost everything  (iPad case, cell phone holder, etc.).

this Black leather bag is on my WISHLIST ! so elegant for everyday.  the same design was spotted with Denzel Washigton while filming .

The gorgeous Sandra Bullock was spotted in II Bistone cross shoulder bag!