July 31, 2012

FForFashion Exclusive | Dana Wolley

hen it comes to Fashion Rules everyone knows that this season shoes, dress or bag can never make appearance to the next! Yet there is always an exception especially for that one special piece that cares history and becomes remarkable day by day, “Vintage” pieces have been more popular these days and sell worldwide, but for us when we want that special piece of jewel there is only one destination “Wayed Vintage”. Keep reading below for our interview with the founder & owner Dana Wolley.  

Name:  Dana Wolley
Occupation: Owner/Founder of Wayed Vintage
Nationality: Lebanese
Location: Dubai | Beirut


FFF: How did you start your journey in the fashion industry?
Dana: Fashion has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was always very interested in fashion as a little girl, buying all the magazines and watching out for the latest trends, but vintage fashion is something I related to, this is why I started my journey in the industry by starting Wayed Vintage.

Necklace:  Kenneth Jay Lane by Wayed Vintage

 FFF:  what does Vintage means to you?
Dana: It means a lot to me, more than you could ever imagine! Vintage for me is more like an obsession. It's my passion.

FFF:  Tell us a little about the idea of Wayed Vintage?
Dana: I started collecting vintage jewelry when I was very young, whenever I visited Europe with my family I’d always end up going to vintage markets and trying to get my hands on rare pieces, I had a huge jewelry box filled with pearl clip-ons and studs, all the glamour you can think of!  Then I got the idea of turning it all to business. It was something I’m very passionate about; I really wanted to change what “vintage “was in people's minds and fortunately I succeeded.

FFF:  Where and How to you source these gorgeous pieces?

Dana: Being in this business for 7 years already, and traveling to several places, I managed to gather a few hundred suppliers from various parts of the world such as Europe and the U.S. I also get an email every time a big estate sale is taking place. Meaning, there's a death in someone's family, and the family is selling the deceased's jewelry, clothing and other rare items. I get to bid on those items, which makes my job so interesting!

FFF: Where do you see Wayed Vintage in 5 years?
Dana: Going Global!

FFF: If you get to choose an era to live at which one it will be?
Dana: Definitely the 50's, just to be spending time with the likes of Elizabeth Taylor.
Earrings: Lioness Collection at  Wayed Vintage    

FFF: Favorite designer/s?
Dana: Chanel, and YSL.

FFF: Favorite Shopping destinations?
Dana: Paris and Bangkok.

FFF: What’s your next dream buy?
Dana: A green Goyard Saigon tote.

FFF: Favorite celebrity?
Dana: Blake Lively. I love her sense of fashion.

FFF: Best holiday destination?
Dana: Italy- Portofino and Genova.

FFF: Any Guilty pleasures?
Dana: German and Italian cars.

FFF: Heels or flats?
Dana: Heels.

FFF: Lip-gloss or lipstick?
Dana: Lipstick.

FFF: Team Blackberry or Team Iphone?
Dana: I use to be on team Blackberry but now it's definitely team iPhone!

Wayed Vintage available at Ush-Boutique Dubai, and O-Concept store

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