February 10, 2012

Violent Lips | Temporary Tattoos

es you heard that right; lip tattoo is the new trend, from Kim and khloe kardashian in USA all the way to Jessie J, and Kelly Rowland in UK! The good news is there will be no needles digging your lips or even pain; all you need is damp cotton, simple!!    

Kim Kardashian wearing Violent Lips' B&W Checkered Lip
Violent lips comes in 5 collections (The leopard, polka, fishnet, and Glitteratti) in addition to the valentine’s day collection , the temporary tattoo last up to 8h, and you don’t have to act or speak like a robot , they feel just like lipstick, and if you’re wondering yes you can still eat and drink.   

We think violent lips are cool to standout between your pals and to get everyone’s eyes, idle for parties and Saturday’s night out “you can’t wear them every day of course unless you’re Lady Gaga”!!

Violent lips are available at cosmetics stores near you “use store locator”

Kelly Rowland wearing  Leopard Print
Jessie J wearing Violent Lip's THE UNION JACK

And to our UAE fashionistas violent lips are available as well in Topshop, Faces and Debenhams stores!  

Our Favorite designer Alanoud Badr trying her Violent Lips @Topshop, The Dubai mall.

Alanoud Badr wearing  Violent Lip's   The Red heart