February 18, 2012

FForFashion Exclusive | Amanda Gedeon

e’ve spoken to one of our favorite local designers Amanda Gedeon , the startling person behind “BOW” , as she shared with us her inspiration behind the SS’12 Collection “A Summer Eden” , her latest collaboration with Lady Fozaza for the “V” blazer and her coming plans … … keep reading for the entire interview !!

Name:  Amanda Gedeon
Occupation: Fashion Designer of BOW
Nationality: Lebanese/Palestinian
Location: Dubai


FFF: How did you start your journey in the fashion industry?

Amanda:  I have always been inspired by colors, textures and shapes, ever since I was young. I finally took it into my own hands during university and started creating pieces through trial and error. Fortunately, the feedback I was receiving was positive and therefore encouraged me to take the plunge and start my own line, BOW.

FFF:  Tell us about the idea and inspiration behind the latest SS’12 “A Summer Eden” Collection?

Amanda: The idea and intention behind SS12 was to introduce BOW as not only a niche line entailing only glamorous and edgy cocktail dresses, etc. but to show the audience that BOW is initially made and can be worn by everyone and anyone that are fashion conscious. Therefore to communicate that idea, I introduced simple and relaxed day-wear that still maintained the chic and glam touch of BOW that it’s infamous for.

FFF:  why did you choose bloggers instead of actual models?

Amanda: Given the idea that BOW is made and can be worn by anyone and not just for a specific niche of people, I decided to choose a group of people that all have something in common yet each entail different characteristics in style and body types. Plus they are good friends of mine that I wanted to work with someday, so decided why not now? J

from the SS'12 "Summer Eden" Campaign 

FFF:  Tell us about your latest collaboration with Lady Fozaza for the “v” Blazer?

Amanda: Since Lady Fozaza and I one day, mutually agreed that our brands mesh well in one way or another, we decided to join forces and create a piece of clothing that symbolizes her brand as well as mine. We came up with the “V” blazer for Valentines Day and made a campaign around it to officially promote our collaboration. The experience was great and a huge success!
from the "V" Blazer Campaign 

FFF: How would you describe the “BOW” women?

Amanda:  A confident individual that is willing to take a risk with her fashion sense and set a trend.

FFF: what should we expect next from “BOW”?

Amanda:  I will officially be introducing day wear as a 2nd line to BOW by A/W ’12 along with, of course, BOW’s statement cocktail dresses.

FFF: Favorite designer/s?

Amanda: Have many that are inspirational to me like Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, Isabel Marrant, Dolce & Gabbana, Mark Fast, David Koma. The list can go on and on!

FFF: Favorite celebrity?

Amanda: Blake Lively...Super stunning!
Blake Lively attends the Noon By Noor Fall 2012 presentation during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

FFF: Best holiday destination?
Amanda: Anywhere that has a beach!

FFF: Any Guilty pleasures?  

Amanda: Watching Jersey Shore at times ;)

FFF: Heels or flats?

Amanda: Depends on my mood, but during the day I must say I choose comfort therefore its flats no doubt!

FFF: Lip-gloss or lipstick?

Amanda: Both…it’s just recently I got into lipstick but always have been a lip gloss fan.

FFF: Blackberry or Iphone?

Amanda: Blackberry, but steering towards Iphone and possibly getting one very very soon!

FFF: Twitter or Facebook?

Amanda: I love SOCIAL MEDIA!