October 11, 2011

FForFashion Exclusive | Kasia Piechocka

 Meet Kasia Piechocka , a new jewellery designer on the block , creative , talented and passionate. She lunched her first collection “About The Man Who Loved Fishing” just after graduating from Central Saint Martins, a versatile collection that holds a stylish and unique touch, works for both genders and for every occasion. Personally I find the collection exceptional especially the rings as I love rings.    

Name: Kasia Piechocka
AGE: 28
Location: London
Occupation: Jewellery Designer

FFF: Tell us about you?

Kasia: I was born in Poland, where I studied fine art for five years before coming to London. I have just graduated from Central Saint Martins three months ago with a BA in Jewellery Design.

FFF: How did you get started creating jewellery?

Kasia: I had a strong background in Fine Art and had never considered designing jewellery until about three years ago. I came across a Short Course in Jewellery Design at Central Saint Martins and signed up to it. I found the subject so enjoyable and challenging that I immediately applied to do the full time three year course.

FFF: Tell us about your first collection “ABOUT THE MAN WHO LOVED FISHING”?

Kasia: My debut collection is a unisex fine jewellery collection all made from Sterling Silver. It was based around my late father and his passion for fishing. As a child he would often take me fishing at the nearby lake and I would be fascinated by the sharp strong shapes from the fish hooks, baits, weights, fish, etc...
These memories of fishing became intertwined with my memories of my Father and became the core inspiration behind my collection.

FFF: Where and what inspires you?

Kasia: Real People and their stories inspire me. I am planning to ‘collaborate’ with my audience for my future collections by inviting them to provide me with inspiration for collections. I ask them to tell me about somebody they admire of are inspired by (much like the way that I looked up to my father) and I will choose one of these nominees to base my next collection around.

FFF: What are your favourite materials to work with?

Kasia: My brand is a luxury jewellery brand because I want my work to be valued and passed onto generations. This is why I use precious metals and why they are my favorite material.

FFF: Who you would like to wear your jewellery?

Kasia: I would like to see males and females both young and old wearing and enjoying my jewellery.

FFF: Your future plans?

Kasia: I am currently working on another collaboration with menswear designer Nicomede Talavera and will hopefully be releasing my next collection in the coming year.

FFF: Favorite place / city you like the most and why?

Kasia: I would have to say the London is currently my favorite city. The diversity and culture you find (particularly in South London) is something that I am yet to discover in other cities.

FFF: What do you carry in your bag?

Kasia: My diary, my sketchbook, my Keys and at least on piece of jewellery from my new collection!!

FFF: Where do you like to go for a holiday?

Kasia: I haven’t been on holiday for so long that I can’t answer that question!

FFF: Gold or Silver?
Kasia: Both

FFF: Summer or winter?
Kasia: Both

Kasia: PC

FFF: Twitter or Facebook?
Kasia: Facebook

For more info find kasia piechocka at : 

Photos Courtesy of Kasia Piechocka