October 24, 2011

DFW | Mumbsi Se presents Meher & Riddhima

 vibrant yet contrastingly pastel color palette, abstract prints, flowing fabrics and structured floral embellishments – ‘To Cosset Eden’ is the Spring Summer 2012 collection from the eponymous brand Meher & Riddhima.

A contemporary brand, synonymous with luxury, prestige, quality and impeccable finishing, Meher & Riddhima have drawn inspiration from the Impressionist artist Claude Monet’s passion for flowers, pastel shades and extensive use of colour breaking, to form the basis of To Cosset Eden.
A refined and subtle color palette of sky blue, peach, lilac and yellow come to the fore and provide a harmonious base to the collection with red and purple making dramatic appearances on some of the designs. Abstract prints in lilac and hues of grey and blue join the principal colours, forming highlights to the collection. Colour blocking makes a strong statement across the collection and stencil art has been redefined through solid embroidery along hemlines. Minimalist cord appliqué and fabric origami lend versatility to the garments emanating a minimalist elegance.

Meher & Riddhima have combined their trademark cord detailing with the fluidity of chiffons, silk chiffons and satin while bringing structure through the use of silks and Swiss cotton. A relaxed fit and clean lines transcends the collection, while defining lines around the décolletage breaks the silhouette and exudes femininity. Evening wear is characterized by higher hem lines and asymmetric trails while maxi dresses, cocktail dresses, playsuits, jump suits and tunics define the leisure wear. Knee length dresses emanate a graceful playfulness with embellishments evoking a subtle yet effective statement.

The models walked the catwalk like fairies surrounded with flowers while the lovely music coming from the gigantic white piano. The show was a hit and it’s nothing new for Meher & Riddhima!!