September 21, 2011

FForFashion Exclusive | Tala Elle Samman

Tala Elle Samman , a well know fashionista and the editor of our favorite blog, Fashion runs in her blood and her style turns heads as she walk. Her wardrobe is packed with the latest and most wanted collections from well know designers, “every girls dream!” You can mark her Front Row at the fashion weeks, and rubbing shoulders with A- list celebrities at events. Tala is definitely our style crush!!

check out our interview with her below. 

Name: Tala Elle Samman

AGE:  21
Location:  London/Dubai (constantly traveling though!)

Occupation:  Editor of   /Fashion student.


Blogging since: Nov 2009

Tala is wearing : Dress by Aqua. Heels by Zara. Clutch from Cream Boutique, Beirut  

FFF: What is ‘myfashdiary’ to you?

Tala:  My Baby!

FFF: Congratulations, you are the Middle East’s Beauty Ambassador of SEPHORA, tell us about this?

Tala: The Sephora team approached me to represent Sephora in the Middle East - obviously jumped at the chance as this is such an amazing experience & a great honor!

FFF: What’s Style for you?

Tala: style is what you feel good in & what suits a person's body shape!

FFF: Fashion is …………….?
Tala:  Ever changing & so much fun!

FFF: How’s your idols?
Tala: My parents - I look up to them GREATLY!

FFF: Favorite designer/s?
Tala: Every season it changes - this season it's all about Dolce!

FFF: Favorite shows from NYC FW Spring 2012?
Tala: Prabal Gurung, Philip Lim & Thyskens Theory to name a few!

FFF: What’s on your wish list this season?
Tala: Preen & proenza's collection!

FFF: Your future plans?
Tala: Every week is a new & exciting week for me!

FFF: What do you do when you’re not blogging or attending events?
Tala: Spending time with the people I love the most, going to the cinema, having a great meal, and traveling the world
                                               Tala is wearing : Missoni cardigan. Chanel Purse. Zara heels

FFF: Favorite place / city you like for shopping?
Tala: London & New York.

FFF: What do you carry in your bag?
Tala: Hand Sanitizer, chewing gum & my blackberry

FFF: What’s in your makeup bag?
Tala: Guerlain bronzer, Dolce & Gabbana lip-gloss.

FFF: Where do you like to go for a holiday?
Tala: I love traveling so it really depends on my mood!

FFF: What’s on your iPod?
Tala: Lady Gaga, Coco Sumner & lots of Drake!

FFF: The last movie you’ve watched?
Tala:  Crazy, stupid, Love & I LOVED!

FFF: Guilty pleasures?
Tala: Frappucinos & candy!!

Random Questions:

FFF: Heels or flats?
Tala: I love my heels and my flats; however, flats are ALWAYS good to me!

FFF: Lip-gloss or lipstick?
Tala:  Lipstick, then Lip-gloss :)

FFF: Summer or winter?
Tala: Both. Oh gosh, I'm indecisive no?!

FFF: Ice-cream or frozen yogurt?
Tala: “Baskin Robbins” Ice cream but I would pick “Fro yo” over ice cream any day.

FFF: Blackberry or Iphone?
Tala: Blackberry (for now.)

FFF: Twitter or Facebook?
Tala: Twittttter!

* For more about the gorgeous Tala find her :

Twitter : @myfashdiary

Facebook: Myfashdiary 

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