September 08, 2011

FForFashion Exclusive | Alanoud Badr

L to R : Alanoud wearing Lady Fozaza Blazers "Fozaza" & "Studio 10". Photographed by :Mahryshka & Tinayums.


lanoud Badr a name that echoes influence, femininity and creativity. A Fashion consultant, buyer and the designer behind “Lady Fozaza” (check lady fozaza here) and also a blogger of Fg10; Fashion for her is a lifestyle and Standard of living and she’s on the top of it. she's one of those few people when you met you think you know since ages, honest , humble and likeable. she gives you a sugar rush similar to the feeling you get after indulging cupcakes. 

Check below our short interview with the gorgeous Alanoud!!     

Name: Alanoud Badr
AGE:  30
Location:  Dubai
Occupation:  Fashion Consultant, Buyer and Designer
Blogging since: November 2009.

FFF: How did you get started and what made you to start Fg10?
Anoud: I started with “Facebook” uploading pictures and speaking my mind about fashion and style, a friend suggested I start a blog or write an online Diary and FashionGossip10 was born. Fashion Gossip cause I LOVE to Gossip about everything Fashion and the number 10 has been my lucky number since I was born march 10 ;).

FFF: As a blogger did you find it easy when you first started and how is it now?
Anoud: I started not as a purpose but out of passion that soon became addictive to those who shared it and wanted to not only read and be heard. It takes 2 to tango in any relationship and my Love affair with fashion is never ending as it is with people who share that passion.

FFF: How did you get hocked with fashion?
Anoud: I was born with an eye for Fabric and Color and was fascinated with costumes from the circus and the theatres and suddenly it all came together!
Fashion makes the world go round and can make or break barriers and cultures! It’s simply fascinating and can change moods as it can create opportunities.

FFF: Describe for us your style and where do you get inspired?
Anoud: My style is Balmain meets Nicole Richie’s Winter Kate.  It’s edgy, very personal yet elegantly “Rocking the Runway”.

FFF: How’s your idols or mentors and why?
Anoud: I love Alexander McQueen:  for his structure and respect for every corner the fabric falls, I love John Galliano:  for his theatrics and allowing fashion to take form into a novel that u don’t see end. Vivienne Westwood: for her Fearless approach to change and shape the trends of today. Tom Ford: for his Elegance.

FFF: Favorite shows from FW11?
Anoud: Balmain, D&G, and Pucci.

FFF: What’s the season must have for you and what’s on your wish list?
Anoud: Season must haves is Python, stars and BLAZERS! To be unique is the seasons must have. To know your style and to embrace it with all that fashion has to offer.

FFF: Your future plans?
Anoud: A never ending story with Fashion starting with my line and then who knows… I like to embrace each step as it comes.

FFF: Favorite country for shopping?
Anoud: PARIS and New York

FFF: What do you carry in your bag?
Anoud: Guerlain Bronzer, Mascara, my manoush lucky wallet, my anti bacteria gel, my Love by Kelien bag perfume, Black berry.

FFF: What’s in your makeup bag?
Anoud: Guerlain Bronzer, Lancome Mascara, Bobby Brown Concealer, Labello lip balm in pomegranate “perfect shade” 

FFF: How do you stay healthy and in shape (any diet or do you play any sports)?
Anoud: I eat 3 meals a day and never SKIP! I drink lots of water and I eat before 8pm!
I also make sure I get around 6 to 8 hours of sleep and walk every chance I get!
Oh I make sure to give myself an hour in the morning of just stretching in bed! Waking up slowly allows u to focus the whole day and be at peace with whatever comes your way.

FFF: Where do you like to go for a holiday?
Anoud: Anywhere near the beach, but I fell in love with Thailand!

FFF: What’s on your ipod?
Anoud: Sean paul, Beyonce, Ash hamman, Karl wolf, Deen, Rihana, the list is endless but all music is soulful.

FFF: Favorite movie ever?
Anoud: Gone with the wind!

FFF: Guilty pleasures?

FFF: Heels or flats?
Anoud: HEELS!!!

FFF: Lip-gloss or lipstick?
Anoud: Lip gloss.

FFF: Blackberry or Iphone?
Anoud: Blackberry.

FFF: Twitter or Facebook?
Anoud: Twittet.