August 19, 2011

Out & About | Zaroob

Well no one hates food , at least not me , I’m one of those person who enjoys every bite , I enjoy good food so my taste buds. I always like to try new recipes, and new restaurants especially who offers new concepts and who think outside the bun “I know its Taco Bell slogan but it works with the rhyme”.

When I get into a restaurant the first thing attracts me before even looking at the menu is the interior design! Love to enjoy eating in a place that has a creative, eye-catching design, it makes the experience inclusive.

   Zaroob , the first thing that attracts your attention is the name , Zaroob in Lebanese Arabic means “ alley”, the restaurant interior design just wonderful , traditional yet modern theme such place not expected to be located in Sheikh Zayed Rd ;cabinets filled with jars of pickles and herbs , remarkable Kuffiyah lamps, fresh juice bars and artistic colorful graffiti on the walls. Makes you feel as if you are in a street- food bazaar!

Now we move to the important thing the food! , well me and my friends ordered the “iftar package” , it consisted of Cold and Hot Arabic mezza  of traditional humus , balelah ,plate of mixed manaeesh ,French fries and fattoush salad , followed by lentil soup and then the main course ; everything was  mouth watering , well  cooked and served . A yummy traditional taste. The only think I didn’t like that much was the dessert it was a bit dry, chewy and missing taste.

The restaurant was very clean and the staff very friendly, we had an amazing time in general, we will come back for sure.

I recommend everyone who’s coming to Dubai to visit; the restaurant is suitable for families, friends or even a crazy unique date.

My Rating out of 5 = 4

for more info visit here.