August 06, 2011

Helena + Troy | The Bags

I always like to find new creative talented designers and brands; it’s always great to discover new things.

For today I will introduce Helena + Troy Handbags
The Handbags are unique and stylish each piece is uniquely designed and handcrafted in New York City by Helena chraime (designer and owner). 

Her bags embody personal expression, wish is always evolving, she says.
The bags are limited edition so when it’s out of stock the only way to request one is by dropping an email, and she will be happy to bake a fresh one for you.

The prices might be a little bit high starting at $225 up to $650 but considering the quality and creativity it’s worth it , in addition you will be walking with confidant knowing that you’re not going to meet your “Doppleganger “ down the corner !

   For more info visit the site here