August 14, 2011

FForFashion Exclusive | Fyunka

yunka a name you should bear in mind as you will hear about it soon, it’s a new brand designed by talented Saudi Graphic designer Alaa Balkhy. She holds a great passion for Fashion and Arabic culture as well, Alaa found away to merge her adulation  by translating well know fashion “quotes” into Arabic and make lovely tote bags out of them.

I’m sure you will fell in love with them and soon you will start collecting them, from Louboutin’s, Birkin and more …..

Check out our interview with her below.    

Name: Alaa Balkhy
AGE: 22
Location: Jeddah “Saudi Arabia”
Profession:  Graphic designer
Part time or full time?  Graduated currently freelancing

FFF : What‘s the meaning of FYUNKA?
Alaa : Fyunka is an Arabic translation for a ribbon bow.

FFF : How did you get started? And where did you come up with the idea?
Alaa : I started illustrating simple line drawings and then adding quotes to them, I got so many good reviews then I thought why not make is more cultural so I translated the quotes into Arabic.

FFF : Tell us about your passion for Arabic art, and culture?
Alaa : What makes a difference is the fact that we are a bilingual generation and we are influenced by both cultures but at some point we tend to go more western and forget our origins. I love Arabic because to me it adds more culture.

FFF : What kind of products FYUNKA will be offering?
Alaa : I started off with tote bags, I wanted something durable that people could carry around and express their love for popular culture and fashion, for the future it could extend to laptop cases, messenger bags, make up cases, and who knows maybe a clothing line hopefully in the future.

FFF : When and where can people start to get FYUNKA?
Alaa : The bags will be available mid September; the launching will be in early October.
Still working on where the bags will be displayed. But hopefully through various boutiques in the gulf region.

FFF : Your future plans?
Alaa : Every time I make plans things change and go a different way so this time ill just see what happens.

FFF : What’s on your ipod?
Alaa : Mostly soundtracks from movies such as (Juno, Amelie, 500 days of summer)
I adore fairuz and I love mashrou3 leila.

FFF : Favorite place/ country/street or malls for shopping?
Alaa : Place: Zara, Topshop, Banana Republic.

Country: I adored Dubai shopping.

In Saudi: Mall of Arabia if I want to jump from one shop to another.

In Dubai: Mall Of the Emirates; only because it’s more compact and it has all the brands and shops you could think of.

FFF : What do you carry in your bag ?
Alaa : Keys / Phone / Make up bag / and Wallet.

FFF : What’s in your makeup bag ?
Alaa :
1. Erase paste from benefit, by far the best concealer I ever used.

2. Black eyeliner from the body Shop, what I love about this is the felt tip that gives you the perfect lines

3. Bad gal Mascara from Benefit, I just love it.

4. Dallas glow powder, its just great for adding a simple glow + the packaging is very durable and the powder won't break easily.

5. Labello cherry lip balm. Lip balm + color = LOVE

FFF :  PC or MAC?
Alaa : Mac.

FFF :  Blackberry or iphone?
Alaa : iphone.

FFF :  Heels or Flats?
Alaa : Heels, but I always carry flats just in case my feet need a break.

FFF :  Twitter or Facebook?
Alaa : Twitter is my newspaper.

FForFashion Wishes  you all the Best ..... 

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