August 21, 2011

Décor | Donatella Versace’s Empire

Interior design and décor is something I do like and enjoy just like fashion, love to go furniture shopping, and view the latest trends in home décor, it’s great to style a house or a room, plan the theme, wall paints, and harmonize everything together, I always get inspired by Hotels, Restaurants as well as designers and celebrities’ houses.

For this I will be sharing some of my favorite in a weekly post under the title of “Décor”.

This week I would like to share the Empire of one of the biggest fashion designers “Donatella Versace”, no need for introductions the name speaks for itself, one of the leading High-Fashion brands; in addition Versace runs a luxurious furniture line. 
Donatella owns a glorious 2 floors apartment in Milan furnished in exquisite imperial furnishings. Splashes of colours all over the place just like her know fashion designs, finished with distinctive antiques and paintings.

As she say “when I come home now, I want to feel serene.  The height of luxury is to be comfortable in your own surroundings.  And for that I need to see light and feel it all around me.  Just because furniture is big and luxurious doesn't mean it has to look heavy.  So I chose solid and pastel colors for my furniture." 

This icon and social butterfly host the biggest dinners and parties in her kingdom and her guest are all welcome except into one forbidden area, her navy bedroom, she says All are welcome except the navy room upstairs, my secret place, where I watch my DVD’s, and listen to music” she adds “Fashion shows are public, my life is public, here I close the door and no one can come in.  It is my treasure box.  I wanted the colors rich that they would almost hide me”. At the end who can blame her!

Check out the photos below. 

photos courtesy of  Elle Decor