July 04, 2011

FForFashion Exclusive | Florrie

his is an interview I made with the gorgeous talented starlet “Florrie” back in April during her visit to Dubai for the lunch of “Nina Ricci” Elixir perfume. continue reading below ___.

FFF: You’re a singer, Songwriter, musician, drummer how did you get started?

Florrie: I started drumming when I was 6 and I sang as long as I remember, then I started a band when I was 13 “a girl Rock/Pop band” at school, then I left school when I was 17 with that band and moved to LONDON to do some gigs, then become a house drummer at Xenomania production house; then I got into programming and recording vocals, lyricing and then writing my own songs and this is what I been doing for the last 2 years.

FFF: From where do you get inspired? Is it something personal?
Florrie: It definitely comes from me I will say but I like to write stories and create characters and different scenarios. And it’s all from personal experience but I like to put it in a story before I write the song.  

FFF: What’s your favorite Song?
Florrie: My favorite song is “Give me your Love” and I wrote it properly a year ago and it was different when it was first written and I developed it over a long period of time , so it’s like my little baby project (laughs ) and I love playing drums in it as well.     

FFF:  Your Favorite city, place to perform?
Florrie:  oh that will be Wembly stadium (laughs), but I can’t wait to travel the world and go do gigs for all my fans in every country this will be my favorite thing to do.

FFF: What’s on your Ipod?
Florrie: right now I’m listening to ADELE “someone like you “she is amazing and an inspiration as well, and I really like Lily Allen and Rihanna. I’m definitely a girls girl when I grow up I didn’t really like boys band; I always was “GIRLS POWER”.

FFF: something you can’t live without?
Florrie: (Thinking), I don’t know if this is boring but I have to say my Iphone , I just got everything on it . And I actually lost it about 4 times in the last year and it’s not nice when you lose it. 

FFF: Favourite Designers?
Florrie: it’s a difficult one, but I love “Chanel”, “Marc Jacobs”, and “Erdem” as well.

FFF: Describe your style?
Florrie: I love classic style and classic beauty like “Audrey Hepburn”.

FFF: You travel, and work a lot how do you stay healthy?
Florrie: I’m lucky because the food I like turns to be healthy food, I like fruits and salads.

FFF: Do you read any blogs?
Florrie: yes I do read music blogs like “Hard Candy”,” The hype machine”, “big stereo” mostly music once.