May 24, 2011

Fashion SCOOP | BOW by Amanda

OW” a name everyone should bear in mind as you will hear it much and spot it much. BOW is our new local fashion obsession, designed by “Amanda Gedeon” a Lebanese /American designer based in Dubai. The creative and multi cultured designer finds her inspiration from art and music. And you can observe this in her designs; playing with colors, bold cuts and textures.

“BOW” is the brand every fashionable lady should get, elegant and chic style with a twist of creativity and uniqueness. Getting one of these artistic pieces will sure get you the spot light.

“BOW “will grant you the trendy energetic look by day and glamorous, stunning appears by night.

Check some of the collection below.

 From chasing rainbows collection 

From industrial vs. glam collection

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images courtesy of Bow